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Mixers are used by professionals and do-it-yourselfers for smooth, even application to caulk or fill cracks with adhesive dispensers such as caulking guns. Can be used in many jobs from bathrooms to kitchens.

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The plastic mixer for structural adhesive cartridge systems
The mixer is equipped with a double piston, which creates an even and reliable material flow.

The plastic nozzle with integral mixer offers

  • fast adhesive filling for good operating conditions
  • an optimum mix

The ends of the plastic mixer can be cut off to change the size of the applied amount.
Composition of the system: small plastic mixer in thermoplastic and metal and two separate static mixers for epoxy and acrylic

Technical data

This mixer is designed as a helical mixing baffle, which ensures optimum mixing and uniform joint application.

  • with bell-shaped inlet
  • fits cartridges
  • convey both materials directly into the mixer
  • Easy to clean by removing the mixer and wiping the distributor
  • The tip of the mixer can be cut to change the size of the applied epoxy beads,
  • made of high-quality, silicone-free industrial polypropylene


  • Supports epoxy, acrylic and methacrylate, adhesives and sealants
  • Round mixer profile for even application-
  • Easy to use and can be cut to change the size of the beads
  • Easy to clean
  • Designed for 50 ml cartridges of epoxy adhesive


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