Vinylester Spin in Capsule

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The vinylester spin in capsule is a system component for introducing high loads into uncracked and cracked concrete.

The reaction cartridge is used, to fix

  • heavy steel structures
  • noise barriers
  • high shelves
  • In packages of 10, 6 or 2 pieces


The vinylester spin in capsule  is a system component for introducing high loads into uncracked and cracked concrete.

The vinylester spin in capsule is used, to fix

  • heavy steel structures#
  • noise barriers
  • high shelves

The additional parts are fixed with the anchor rod and the sieve.

The short curing time still allows a fast progress of the work.


  • The vinyl bulb is intended for use in cracked and
  • non-cracked concrete.
  • offers the user a higher load level and maximum flexibility
  • particularly economical for individual applications and installation at heights.
  • can be processed down to -30°C
  • fast hardening
  • allows installation without waiting time
  • The wide range of M8 to M30 vinyl bulbs opens up a wide range of applications.


Approved for anchoring in :

  • concrete C20/25 to C50/60, cracked and non-cracked

Also suitable for :

  • Natural stone with dense structure


  • Heavy steel constructions
  • Silo installations
  • High shelves
  • Sound barriers
  • Railing
  • Stairs

Suitable for :

  • Mounting in height
  • wells filled with water
  • diamond-drilled holes


  • contient l’ester vinylique
  • Pendant le processus de prise, l’ampoule vinile est détruite par les impacts de la tige d’ancrage sur le toit et le mortier est mélangé et activé
  • Les particules de verre du corps de la cartouche rendent rugueuse la paroi du trou de forage.
  • Cela permet de réduire l’effort de nettoyage à seulement 4 fois le nombre de soufflures.
  • Le mortier lie la tige d’ancrage à la paroi du trou de forage sur toute la surface et scelle le trou de forage

Catalogue et documentation technique

Reference Width Length Hole Packaging
mm mm Pieces
FR-CAS-V-08 M8 75 10 10
FR-CAS-V-10 M10 80 12 10
FR-CAS-V-12 M12 95 14 10
FR-CAS-V-16 M16 95 18 10
FR-CAS-V-20 M20 175 25 6
FR-CAS-V-24 M24 210 28 6
FR-CAS-V-30 M30 270 35 2


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2 pcs, 6 pcs, 10 pcs


M10, M12, M16, M20, M24, M30

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